About Us

Karnataka’s share in National GDP is around 6%. The character of the state economy has drastically changed from primarily agrarian in 1956 towards industrial & service economy in 2010. GOK’s Vision (http: // www .karunadu. gov . in / spb / Documents / KVD 15th % 20 Jan % 20English.pdf) is to develop a vibrant knowledge society and achieve a sustainable and orderly process of industrialization by enhancing human capabilities. In accordance with GOK’s Vision JSS Mahavidyapeetha has established JSS Science and Technology University at Mysuru.

JSS Science and Technology University is one of the recent additions to the institutions administered by JSS Mahavidyapeetha, and is the second University being established besides a Medical University at Mysuru.  India’s higher education system is on the verge of major reforms and JSS Science and Technology University has been established envisioning to create a bright future and a desired learner centric eco-system and transform into a futuristic global UniversityThe Availability of skilled human resources and trained technical manpower in engineering and technology is a major reason for growing investments in the state. In this context higher education system has a key role and more particularly JSS S&T U with an objective of transforming the students at all levels of higher education including research and innovation with measures to improve quality of workforce.

Education has always been India’s prime priority. Mysuru is the holy land for educational institutions. Education is the basic necessity for wellbeing and development of a Nation. A well-established higher education system forms the flagship for transforming to meet the global needs. Yet, a large chunk of people in India need literacy and many more need to acquire employable skills to suit the emerging modern India.

Hence JSS S&T University is committed to deliver high quality educational opportunities for youth and transform not only its neighborhood but offer courses to equip aspiring youth to meet the global needs of industry in every sector.

JSS S&T University is articulated with the following Master plan.

Our Mission is to establish one of the world’s great broad-based sustainable value driven research-intensive university and integrate nation building.

The proposed strategy identifies our priorities for the next five years, during which we’ll focus our resources on maintaining existing and developing new,  leading activities. We’ll improve our standing nationally and internationally, while meeting needs of Industry, and students. The strategy focuses on  three main themes:

National Focus:

We’ll orient our efforts towards overall development of students’, aligning our investments with our strategic priorities to cater to the Nations’ Vision. We’ll streamline our systems and processes to make the most of our resources, and minimize bureaucracy.

Global reach:

We’ll broaden our efforts to meet the global needs of the larger world community with focused priorities including a multi-cultural community of students and staff and become a truly international university. We’ll prepare students for diversified technological environments worldwide, and develop international alliances and partnerships.

Multi-disciplinary approaches.

We’ll strategically provide encouragement to multi-disciplinary approaches by supporting and developing networks of students, faculty and researchers worldwide. We’ll create world leading, multi-disciplinary, learning centers, research institutes that meet our Industries and funders’ strategic needs.

The vision of JSS Science and Technology University is to be an effective instrument in enhancement of knowledge in the Society and thus the social transformation.

Our Strategic priorities includes

  • Prominent National Status
  • Quality Teaching & Learning
  • Research of International Repute
  • State of the art infrastructure of International Standard:
  • Open access to knowledge through Distance Education
  • Collaborations & MOU

JSS Science and Technology University strategies to utilize the very best of education technology, optimize teaching methods, and encourage new inter-disciplinary research programmes that help connect teaching and research, including applied and action research projects.

It is Proposed to offer these New Academic Programs

  1. Information technology and Telecommunication
  2. Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  3. Systems Engineering and Manufacturing
  4. Energy and Environment engineering
  5. Biosciences Engineering
  6. Transportation, logistics and Freight forwarding
  7. School of Design.
  8. Corporate finance and Data Sciences
  9. Academic Leadership Institute.

The Organizational strength

The ability of nations and people to learn, to adapt the lessons to their own context quickly, and to translate learning into action, are the critical components of successful development in a global economy that increasingly relies on knowledge and information and learning has, in fact, always been at the core of economic change (1996 annual report of the World Bank, Economic Development Institute, President James Wolfenson)

The point is of obvious importance in a world characterized by rapid growth in trade and investment; a dizzying rate of technological change; increased economic integration among nations; an uncoupling of natural resources from development as a result of new materials and knowledge-based substitutes; globalization of industries; and more open competition.

Technology, as we understand has several facets, all of which are powerful drivers of change. New materials, biotechnology innovations, and robotics are but a few of them. However, the most profound of all is what is often called telematics the convergence and explosive growth and development of the information and communication technologies. Professional education effort of JSS Mahavidyapeetha is laudable in the present context. The prominent contributors being JSS Technical Education division, JSS University and the recently established JSS Science and Technology University. Excellence in its entire education system is very evident with thrust on improvements in quality and relevance of content and delivery at all levels with systemic improvements like, synergy between research & teaching, flexibility in choice of courses within the institution and across institutions including universities abroad through exchange of students (shift from plate meal approach to cafeteria approach) emphasizing the need for cross-disciplinary courses, evaluating students continuously on the basis of understanding & application of knowledge and academia-industry interface and building centers of excellence in the higher education system.

Availability of skilled human resources including trained technical manpower in engineering and technology is major reason for growing investments in the state. In this context, higher education system has a key role and more particularly JSS Mahavidyapeetha which has developed a brand image over the last six decades of its existence.