About Department

Department of Chemistry was established as a part of SJCE in 1963 and it has got excellent qualified faculties offering Engineering Chemistry for Bachelor of Engineering for all branches and Masters of Science (M.Sc.,) and Doctoral Programmes (Ph.D.,) in the area of Chemistry. M.Sc., Chemistry program has four core modules namely Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. The department apart from its main task of involving itself in academic teaching and research, has strong interaction with industry and has established a mutually beneficial relationship with the nearby institutions. The state of the art infrastructural facilities, faculties and expertise has been the hallmark of the department. M.Sc., Chemistry course is an academic, industry and research oriented programme. A good number of industries have been associated with M.Sc., Chemistry course. Regular teaching and research laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated instruments to meet the needs of the students. Department has achieved remarkable progress in terms of research output. The department at present has 18 researchers registered for PhD programme and 9 awarded. The main areas of ongoing research are synthetic organic chemistry, computational chemistry, synthetic organometallic chemistry, green chemistry, nano chemistry, biosensors,  photocatalysis, polymer chemistry, electrochemistry and coordination chemistry. Every year the department organizes seminars, workshops and conferences to provide a platform for scientists and industrialists to discuss mutual benefits.

The department has sponsored research projects through various funding agencies:

  1. University Grants Commission (UGC)
  2. Department of Atomic Energy-Board of Research in Nuclear Science (DAE-BRNS)
  3. Vision Group of Science and Technology (VGST).

Message from HOD

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru. We started our journey in the year of 1963 and over the last six decades, we have grown our expertise and competence in the chemistry curriculum and research.

Along with the B E Chemistry, we have a strong postgraduate program. We offer M.Sc. Chemistry and PhD degrees. Several sponsored candidates from industries carry out their Ph. D in our department.

Our department has a long history of excellence in teaching and research. Faculty members are well renowned and have outstanding academic qualifications. Our department has active research groups that work together to conduct collaborative and interdisciplinary studies. To support our academic programs and research, we have cutting-edge research facilities. Research funding assists us in maintaining and modernizing our research infrastructure. Several faculty members work on national and international journal editorial boards, regularly review technical articles for journals, and conduct international symposia and conferences.

Our goal is to create an environment in which everyone who works here may thrive, reach their full potential, and produce the finest science possible. These objectives can only be met if we treat one another with attention and respect, which is something I expect from all department members. I hope you have a good time with us and find it to be a fulfilling experience.

Dr. P Mallu

Dean Science, Professor & Head

Department of Chemistry

JSS Science & Technology University,Mysuru


Mob No. 9480057349.


B.E Engineering Chemistry

The Chemistry department is dedicated

  •   Providing superior undergraduate and professional education to its students.
  •   Developing and advancing the talents of students to create applicable knowledge.
  •   Nurturing translational and transformational research that benefit the society.
  •   Inspiring to excel in applied sciences delivery and care.
  •   To prepare students for a diverse and changing world.


M.Sc Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry endeavors to be a nationally-recognized model for educating and graduating students prepared to compete in and contribute to the ever-changing, technology-centered world of the 21st century.  To achieve this vision, the department is committed to provide a course of study for postgraduates in the chemical sciences which combines curriculum, scholarship and service/engagement opportunities that are of high-quality, innovative and intellectually challenging and employ state-of-the-art technologies.


B.E Engineering Chemistry

  • To encourage the advancement of science particularly chemistry in all of its branches through its education, research, and service missions.
  • To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical   chemistry, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative instructional methods.

M.Sc Chemistry

  • Teach students the value of inter-disciplinary thinking by providing them with educational and research opportunities between chemistry and other fields of study.
  • Promote innovative curriculum development while exposing students to advanced instrumentation and technology.
  • Foster multi-disciplinary curriculum development to provide students with a breadth of course options in Forensic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Environmental Science, Polymer Science and Chemical Education.
  • Serve as good role models to students for safe and ethical professional behavior.
  • Encourage students to value diversity and to develop a global perspective through international experiences in chemistry.

  • MOU is signed with Anthem Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru.
  • 75% of the faculty members have Doctoral degrees and others are pursuing Ph.D.
  • Department has conducted several National and International conferences, workshops and seminars in association with IISC, Bengaluru and industries.
  •   Biopolymers
  •   Computational Chemistry
  •   Organic Synthesis
  •   Photocatalysis
  •   Nanomaterials
  •   Electrochemical sensors
  •   Polymer films
  • Coordination Chemistry

Short Term

  •  To start B.Sc. Honors
  • To start M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry

Long Term

To propose and set up the center for excellence which includes instrumentation facilities at one place.

# Program Educational Objectives:-The Graduates will be able to:
PEO – 1 To provide students with strong fundamentals of chemistry for a successful career in academia and industry. 
PEO – 2 To enable students for higher education and innovative research to solve multidisciplinary issues.
PEO – 3 To equip students with innovative skills and moral values for being responsible individual.
# Program Specific Outcomes :-The Graduates will be able to:
PSO-1 The students gain the knowledge and understanding of the materials from the chemistry perspective.
PSO-2 Students are able to utilize the knowledge of chemistry in synthesis, characterization and testing of materials and applying principles of chemistry to resolve contemporary societal and industrial issues.
PSO-3 Students will be capable of taking research/ higher education in premier institutes and employment in academia, research organizations and industries viz. chemical, pharmaceuticals, rubbers, plastics, paints, etc.
# Program Outcomes :-The Graduates will be able to:
PO-1 Develop the knowledge of fundamental and advanced aspects of chemistry
PO-2 Understanding and analysis of the mechanism underlying chemical reactions
PO-3 Understanding and design experimental methods and routes for the synthesis of materials
PO-4 Develop and understand the methods and tools for the characterization of materials
PO-5 Establish the understanding of structure-property relations of materials
PO-6 Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to arrive at valid conclusions.
PO-7 Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex chemistry problems using first principles of natural sciences
PO-8 Understand the impact of the innovations of chemistry and chemical products on societal and environmental contexts
PO-9 Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
PO-10 Communicate effectively in chemistry forums, and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
PO-11 Demonstrate knowledge and understand to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
PO-12 Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the laboratory practices.
Postgraduate Research 
M.Sc. (Chemistry)

M.Sc.(Analytical Chemistry)

Ph.D. (Chemistry)

OBE Administration

The department Academic advisory committee comprises HOD, senior faculty, external academicians, members from industry, alumni members and student members. The committee will review the academic quality and suggest improvements in the related areas.

1 Dr.P Mallu, Dean Science, Prof & HOD Internal Academician Chairman
2 Dr. N Kumara Swamy, Associate Professor Internal Academician Convener
3 Dr. L Mallesha, Professor & HOD, PG Department of Chemistry, JSS College of Arts, commerce and science, Ooty Road, Mysuru. External Academician
4 Dr. Shankara H N, Chromatogen Analytical Solutions Darshini N, 31, JCK Industrial Park, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016. Industry
5 Ms.Bindu S, Senior Teaching fellow, JSSSTU, Mysuru. Alumni
6 All the faculty members Internal Academician Member

Program Assessment Committee – PAC is constituted to assess the academic process of the program.

The following are the roles of the Program Assessment Committee:

  1. Assist in framing Course Outcomes and mapping COs to POs / PSOs.
  2. Contribute in the Teaching Learning Process of the program.
  3. Suggest additional assessment techniques other than CIE.
  4. Verify the course and program attainment process.
  5. Verify the action plans and their attainment in each course.

Program Assessment Committee:

  1. Dr. P Mallu
  2. Dr. Muneera Begum
  3. Dr. Bindya S
  4. Dr. N Kumara Swamy
  5. Dr. Nagashree S
  6. Dr. C S Karthik
  7. Dr. Madhukar B S
  8. Dr. Sandeep S
  9. Dr. Nagendraprasad H S

Quality Monitoring and Administration Committee (QMAC):

  1. Dr. N Kumara Swamy
  2. Dr. Madhukar B S

Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC):

  1. Dr. N Kumara Swamy
  2. Dr. Nagendraprasad H S

Academic Committee (AC):

  1. Dr. Nagashree S
  2. Dr. Sandeep S

Department Support Activities Committee (DSAC):

  1. Dr. Muneera Begum
  2. Dr. C S Karthik

Research & Development Committee (RDC):

  1. Dr. Nagashree S
  2. Dr. Sandeep S

Laboratory Development Committee (LDC):

  1. Dr. Muneera Begum
  2. Dr. Nagendraprasad H S

Time table committee (TTC):

  1. Dr. Bindya S
  2. Dr. C S Karthik

ERP committee:

  1. Dr. Bindya S
  2. Dr. Madhukar B S
Sl. No Name of the Faculty Designation Name of the student


Year II

Name of the student Batch-(2021-23)

Year I

1 Dr. P Mallu Professor  & Head Manasa H M Abhinav K R
Rajeshraj B Karthik V
2 Dr. Muneera Begum Professor Swarna P Asha
Anusha N H Kavya S
3 Dr. Bindya S Assistant Professor Rajeshwari K M Anusha D E
Suhasini M R Keerthan N
Nayana Nayaka C N D Jyothilakshmi
  Swathi K R
4 Dr N Kumara Swamy Associate Professor Varshini Anusha M M
Bhuvan Lokesh M Keerthiraj A T
Sandhya H N Nikhil J Lakkad
  Thejas H T
5 Dr. Nagashree S Assistant Professor Kavya B Arjun Krishna
Priya M V Krithi B R
Navya B S Ningaraju G N
Sinchana R Tippeswamy B A
6 Dr. C S Karthik Assistant Professor Punith M S Bharath Kumar S P
Varsha Raj Madhushree S
CV Prajna Puneeth N
Nirajan Murthy Veda B P
7 Dr. B S Madhukar Assistant Professor Chaithanya S Deviprasad M J
Shreya S Mahadevaswamy B P
Meghana M Rakshitha K D
Thejaswini K N Yashaswini V L
8 Dr. Sandeep S Assistant Professor Gagan Kumar Hemanth B S
Sharanagouda Manaswini K H
Sahana  KM Revathi P M
Pavana H L  
9 Dr. Nagendra Prasad H S Assistant Professor Sindhu H S Karthik Dev P
Vidya MV Manoj B S
Navyatha Prasanth Gaonkar Shambhu B S
Amogh Mukarambi  

Details of Lab facilities

Name of the Laboratory Name of the Important Equipment
Engineering Chemistry Lab Double distilled water plant Bhanu make, pH meter, Conductivity meter,  Potentiometer, Colorimeter.
M.Sc Chemistry Lab Thermostat, Polarimeter, ABBE Refractometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter,  Potentiometer, Hot air oven, 
Research Lab Magnetic stirrer, Rotavapor with pump, BOD Incubator, Ultra Sonocation bath, Muffle Furnace, Electrochemical Workstation, Electrophoresis Unit.
VGST Lab UV Spectrophotometer with accessories, Microwave synthesizer.


Department has spacious classrooms with adequate seating capacity. Each classroom is provided with a Computer system, LCD Projector with a screen facility for Audio/ Visual purposes. In addition, Green glass boards and Podium are provided in each classroom.


Faculty Name









 Dr. P .Mallu  Ph. D  Professor & Head 31.5 10.09.1990


Dr. N Kumara Swamy  Ph. D Assistant Professor 11 05.10.2010


Dr. S.Bindya  Ph. D Assistant Professor 15 27.04.2007


Dr. S Nagashree  Ph. D Assistant Professor 9.5 16.08.2012


Dr. C S Karthik  Ph. D Assistant Professor 04   25.01.2018


Dr. B S Madhukar  Ph. D Assistant Professor 04 29.01.2018


Dr.  Sandeep S  Ph. D Assistant Professor 03 03.09.2019


Dr. Nagendra Prasad H S  Ph. D Assistant Professor 03 03.09.2019


Deepika P M.Sc. (Ph.D) Senior Teaching Fellow 5.5 13.08.2016


Vedavathi H S M.Sc. (Ph.D) Senior Teaching Fellow 3.6 22.08.2018
# Name Qualification Designation Exp.Yrs Email-ID
# Name Qualification Designation Exp.Yrs Email-ID

Engineering Chemistry Syllabus 21-22

Syllabus and Scheme of Examination M.Sc Chemistry 2021-22

Academic Year 2020-21 



Name of the FDP/Conference/Workshop Organized


1 Special Lecture on Laboratory Safety and Safe Handling of Glassware and Chemicals  11th February 2020.
2 Two days Virtual International Conference on Advanced Materials  06.07.2021 to 07.07.2021

Research Initiatives

Sl.No Research Guide Area of Specialization
1.  Dr. Muneera Begum  synthesis of metal complexes, green synthesis-nanomaterials, Bioinorganic complexes, Medicinal chemistry.
2. Dr.P Mallu Polymer, medicinal chemistry, nanomaterials, polymer nanocomposites, identification of bioactive compounds.
3. Dr. Bindya S Synthetic Chemistry, NanoChemistry, BioPolymer-Nano composites.
4. Dr. N Kumara Swamy Nanomaterials, Sensors, Photocatalysis and Corrosion coatings
5. Dr. Nagashree S Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Biopolymers, analytical chemistry
6. Dr. C S Karthik medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, structural chemistry
7. Dr. B S Madhukar Inorganic Chemistry, polymer green composites, polymer nanocomposites, nanotechnology, nano-photonics, photovoltaics, perovskites.
8. Dr. Sandeep S Electrochemical sensors, Nanomaterials, Degradation of organic pollutants.
9. Dr. Nagendraprasad H S Organic Chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Computational chemistry, Bio-inorganic chemistry
# Guide Research Scholar

(Full/Part Time)

Research Topic Registration Year Status
1. Dr. Muneera Begum Mrs. Deepika P Synthesis of biologically active Schiff base ligands and their metal complexes. 2019 Work under progress
Mrs. SapnaUnni synthesis and characterization of derivatives of Heterocyclic compounds and their biological activities. 2019 Work under progress
2 Dr. P Mallu Shruthi  Metal oxide  decorated polymer  nanocomposites for optical and electrical applications. 2017 Work under progress
Mr. Prasad B R New Approach to synthesize pyrazole derivatives for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) bacterial applications. 2019 Work under progress
Ms. Chethana M H Design and synthesis of phenolic based metal complexes and their biomolecular interaction studies. 2020 Work under progress
Mr. Ravikrishna Kalthod 2021 Registered
Mr.Sampath Kumar R 2021 Registered
3 Dr. N Kumara Swamy Kavya R 2021 Registered
4. Dr. Nagashree S Ms. Bindhu S Synthesis and characterization of PLA blended with nanoparticles: Optical and Electrical studies 2020 Work under progress
Gaikwad Rajendra Machindra 2021 Registered
Poornachandra 2021 Registered
5. Dr. C S Karthik Atul Kasturchand Godha 2021 Registered
Abhilash Viswanadhan 2021 Registered
Charan Kumar G 2021 Registered
6. Dr. Madhukar B S Anupama B H Performance of nano-metal oxide on modified opto-electrical and electrochemical behaviour of bio-gelatin with its blend nano composites 2017 Work under progress
7. Dr. Sandeep S Mr. Siddaraju Synthesis of nano materials and its application towards the degradation of organic pollutants 2020 Work under progress
Ramaraj S 2021 Registered
Sl. No Name Gender Guide University
1 Dr. Nanjundaswamy S. Male Dr. P. Mallu JSSSTU

The department has signed MoU’s with the following organizations

  • Anthem Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru on 19th July 2021.
# Project Title Principal Investigator Duration Funding Agency Amount Date of Sanction
1.  Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some organic compounds Dr. P Mallu 2013-2017 UGC, New Delhi 8,28,000.00 25.03.2013
2. Fabrication of polyphenol oxidase based biosensor and its performance evaluation of analysis for  polyphenols Dr. N. Kumara Swamy 2014-2017 DAE-BRNS 26,07,000.00 03.12.2013
Revenue generated from consultancy during the last five years
Name of the teacher consultant Name of consultancy project Consulting/Sponsoring agency with contact details Year Revenue generated (INR in Lakhs)

May 2020-December 2021


Department of Chemistry Hand Sanitizer Preparation and Distribution  JSS Institutions 2020-2021 13,01,334.00
Particulars 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
No of students 29 29 15
No of students placed 11 8 10
Higher studies 3 7 01
  • Visit to the Exhibition of Food Technologies and Life Support Systems for Armed Forces on 14th December 2021.

Launching of Hand Sanitizer

JSS Science and Technology University prepares their own hand sanitizer at low cost in their research lab of the Department of Chemistry. The team lead by Prof. P. Mallu, have prepared alcohol-based sanitizer with natural extract to impart fragrance according to the standards and guidelines prescribed by WHO. The sanitizer is supplied to all the JSS institutions.

The hand sanitizer was launched at JSSMVP on 15/05/2020 by Sri. S. P. Manjunath, Secretary-1, JSSMVP, and Dr. C. G. Betsurmath, Executive Secretary, in the presence of Dr. K. S. Lokesh, Registrar, JSSSTU, Dr. T. N. Nagabhushan, Principal and Dean Engineering, SJCE, JSSSTU, Sri. Niranjanmurthy, Assistant Director, Collegiate Education, JSSMVP, Sri. Seshagiri Rao, Director, general education, JSSMVP, Prof. P. Mallu, and team Department of Chemistry, JSSSTU, Mysuru.

Events conducted by the department


1 Webinar Series on Chemistry Topics Dr Nethaji M, Professor and senior scientist, Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Dr B. K. Kendagannaswamy, Professor & HOD,Department of Chemistry, JSS College of Science, arts and Commerce, Nanjungud.

Dr Nithin K S, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, The National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru.

Dr John Prakash, Assistant professor, Department of Chemistry, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu.

4.03.2021 to 20.03.2021


Department activities-from Jan 2023- April 23 (1)

Papers published in last Five years:

International Journals International Conferences


Sl No. Publication
1 Shankar A. Itagi., Jamballi G. G. Manjunatha., Madikeri M. Charitha., Puttaswamappa Mallu., Shadakshari Sandeep., Chimatahalli S. Karthik., Girish Tigari and Donnankatte N. Varun., (2021). Fast and Facile Voltammetric Detection of AcetaAcetaminophen at Poly (DLphenylalanine) Modified Dysprosium-Copper Oxide Nanoparticle/Carbon Composite Paste Electrode. The Open Chemical Engineering Journal, 15, 31-40.  DOI: 10.2174/1874123102115010031.                                                                          (I.F – 1.58). ISSN: 1874-1231.
2 Sanjay, B. P., Sandeep, S., Santhosh, A. S., Karthik, C. S., Varun, D. N., Kumara Swamy, N., Mallu, P., Nithin, K. S., Ramalingam, R. J. & Muthuswamy, K., (2021). Unprecedented 2D GNR-CoB nanocomposite for detection and degradation of malachite green–A computational prediction of degradation pathway and toxicity. Chemosphere, 132153.  DOI: (I.F – 7.086) ISSN: 0045-6535.
3 D. N. Varun., J. G. Manjunatha., N. Hareesha., S. Sandeep., P. Mallu., C. S. Karthik., N. S. Prinith.,N. Sreeharsha., S. M. Basheeruddin Asdaq., 2021. Simple and sensitive electrochemical analysis of riboflavin at functionalized carbon nanofiber modified carbon nanotube sensor. Monatshefte für Chemie – Chemical Monthly,  DOI: 10.1007/s00706-021-02839-y, IF: 1.451, ISSN: 0026-9247
4 Bekya T. Harshitha, Jamballi G. Manjunatha, Pemmatte A. Pushpanjali, Chimatahalli S. Karthik, Shadakshari Sandeep, Puttaswamappa Mallu, Edwin D’Souza, Nagaraja Sreeharsha, Syed Mohammed Basheeruddin Asdaq, and Md. Khalid Anwer., 2021. Efficient Electrochemical Determination of Catechol with Hydroquinone at Poly (L-Serine) Layered Carbon Paste Electrode. Chemistry Select, 6, 6764 –6772. DOI:, ISSN: 2365-6549, IF:2.109
5 S. Nanjundaswamy, S. Bindhu, R. R. Arun Renganathan, S. Nagashree, C. S. Karthik, P. Mallu and V. Ravishankar Rai., 2021. Design, synthesis of pyridine coupled pyrimidinone/pyrimidinthione as anti-MRSA agent: Validation by molecular docking and dynamics simulation JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS., ISSN: 07391102, IF: 2.972
6 Pampa, K.J., Karthik, C.S., Hema, M.K., Mallu, P. and Lokanath, N.K., 2021. Post-synthetic modification of supramolecular assemblies of β-diketonato Cu (II) complexes: comparing and contrasting the molecular topology by crystal structure and quantum computational studies. CrystEngComm, 23, 4344-4369. DOI: 10.1039/D1CE00304F, ISSN: 1466-8033, IF:3.38
7 Hema, M.K., Karthik, C.S., Pampa, K.J., Mallu, P. and Lokanath, N.K., (2021). 4, 4, 4-trifluoro-1-phenylbutane-1, 3-dione metal [Cu (II) and Ni (II)] complexes as an superlative antibacterial agent against MRSA: Synthesis, structural quantum-chemical and molecular docking studies. Journal of Molecular Structure, 130774. DOI: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2021.130774, I.F-2.463, ISSN: 0277-5387
8 Gurumallappa, G., Jayashankar, J., Puttaswamy, A., Sunderraj, J., Mallu, P., & Beeregowda, K. (2021). 4-(tert-butyl)-N, N-diethylbenzenesulfonamide: Structural, absorption distribution metabolism excretion toxicity (ADMET) and molecular docking studies. Current Chemistry Letters, 10(3), 329-336. DOI:  10.5267/j.ccl.2021.3.004, ISSN: 1927-7296, IF: 0.87
9 Karthik, C.S., Chethana, M.H., Manukumar, H.M., Ananda, A.P., Sandeep, S., Nagashree, S., Mallesha, L., Mallu, P., Jayanth, H.S. and Dayananda, B.P., Synthesis and characterization of chitosan silver nanoparticle decorated with benzodioxane coupled piperazine as an effective anti-biofilm agent against MRSA: A validation of molecular docking and dynamics. International journal of biological macromolecules, 2021, 181, 540-551. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2021.03.119, ISSN: 0141-8130, IF: 6.953
10 Gurumallappa, Arun Renganathan, R. R., Hema, M. K., Karthik, C. S., Rani, S., Nethaji, P.Mallu., & Ravishankar Rai, V. (2021). 4-acetamido-3-nitrobenzoic acid-structural, quantum chemical studies, ADMET and molecular docking studies of SARS-CoV2. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 1-15. DOI: 10.1080/07391102.2021.1889664, ISSN: 07391102, IF: 2.972
11 Nagendra Prasad, H. S., Ananda, A. P., Najundaswamy, S., Nagashree, S., Mallesha, L., Dayananda, B. P & Mallu, P. (2021). Design, synthesis and molecular docking studies of novel piperazine metal complexes as potential antibacterial candidates against MRSA.  Journal of Molecular Structure, 1232, 130047. DOI: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2021.130047, I.F-2.463, ISSN: 0277-5387 IF: 3.2
12 Manjunatha, K. B., Bhat, R. S., Shashidhara, A., Kumar, H. A., & Nagashree, S. (2021). Antimicrobial and Nonlinear Optical Studies of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles. Journal of Electronic Materials, 50(6), 3415-3421. DOI:10.1007/s11664-021-08838-3, ISSN: 0361-5235, IF:1.938
13 Mariswamy, V. H., Bindya, S., Costa, R. A., Prasad, S. K., Shivamallu, C., Begum, S. M., & Kollur, S. P. (2021). 2-Methoxy-5-(6-methoxypyridin-3-yl-imino-methyl) phenol and its transition metal complex as potent antibacterial agents: Synthesis, characterization, theoretical investigations and biological evaluation. Results in Chemistry, 3, 100120.  ISSN 2211-7156.
14 Vinusha, H. M., Kollur, S. P., Begum, M., Shivamallu, C., Ramu, R., Shirahatti, P. S., … & Glossman-Mitnik, D. (2021). Chemical Synthesis, in vitro Biological Evaluation and Theoretical Investigations of Transition Metal Complexes Derived from 2-(((5-mercapto-1H-pyrrol-2-yl) imino) methyl) 6-methoxyphenol. Journal of Molecular Structure, 130920., ISSN 0022-2860 
15 Nirmala, D. B., & Bindya, S. (2021). An experimental investigation on Self compacting concrete using zinc oxide as nanoparticles by Taguchi method. CITHARA Journal, vol-11, 0, 19-31. DOI:10.12733.CJ.2021.V11I1.654235.13002. ISSN : 0009 – 7527.
16 Vinay S, Chandan Dharmashekar, Sushma P, Anisha S Jain, Shiva Prasad Kollur, Bindya S, Chandrashekhar Srinivasa, Sharanagouda S Patil, Ashwini Prasad & Chandan Shivamallu (2021). In-Silico elucidation of Abrus precatorius phytochemical against Diabetes mellitus. Bulletin of Environment, Pharmacology and Life Sciences, 10(4), 118-128.ISSN 2277-1808.
17 Supreetha, R., Bindya, S., Deepika, P., Vinusha, H. M., & Hema, B. P. (2021). Characterization and biological activities of synthesized citrus pectin-MgO nanocomposite. Results in Chemistry, 3, 100156., ISSN 2211-7156
18 Akshay, H. M., M. Shetty, S., Vidya, G., Dharmashekara, C., Shreevatsa, B., V. Siddalingegowda, S., Srinivasa, C., S. Patil, S., Bindya, S., Kollur, S. P. and Shivamallu, C. (2021) “Effect of Anticoagulants on the Survival Rate in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients”, Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 33(52A), pp. 6-11.doi: 10.9734/jpri/2021/v33i52A33550.
19 Parth B. Jani, Harshal B. Desai, B. S. Madhukar and Ashish R. Tanna. Investigations of calcium ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel auto combustion and solution mixture methods. Materials Research Innovations, 1-7,, 2021.
20 Sangamesha M.A, Brunda M, Vidyashree S, Madhukar B S Effect of In, Zr and Fe Elements Doped Cerium Oxide Nanoprobes: Synthesis, Characterization and their Applications, 2021,  Materials Today Proceedings, 46, 7, 2021, 2400-2408.
21 Madhusudhan C.K., Mahendra K., Madhukar B.S., Somesh T.E.,  Muhammad Faisal.,2021 “Multifunctional polypyrrole/multi-walled carbon nanotube composite material: Dielectric, humidity sensing and broadband EMI shielding properties” Polymer Science, Series B, 63, 280–290.
22 Nagendra Prasad, H. S., Ananda, A. P., Lohith, T. N., Prabhuprasad, P., Jayanth, H. S., Krishnamurthy, N. B. M.A.Sridhar,L.Mallesha & Mallu, P. (2021). Design, Synthesis, Molecular docking and DFT computational insight on the structure of Piperazine sulfynol derivatives as a new antibacterial contender against superbugs MRSA. Journal of Molecular Structure, 131333. DOI:  ISSN: 0277-5387. IF:3.2
23 Hegde. M.B, Mohana K. N, Madhusudhana A.M, Vinay, Nayaka. Y. A, Kumara Swamy N. “Fabrication of reduced graphene oxide/ruthenium oxide modified graphite electrode for voltammetric determination of tryptophan”. Graphene and 2D Materials Technologies (2021). ( (Springer). 
24 Yashas S.R, Shivaraju H.P, Kumara Swamy N, Namratha K, ”Sonochemical synthesis of GCN-MnO2 interfaces for enhanced photoelectrocatalytic degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride”, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28, 4778–4789 (2021), DOI: (Springer Nature IF 4.223).
25 Kumara Swamy N, Mohana K.N, Mahesh B. Hegde, Madhusudhana  A. M, Saurav R.N, and Rajitha K, “Multiwalled carbon nanotube derived graphene nanoribbon:  An excellent electrocatalyst for the fabrication of an electrochemical sensor to sensitive and selective analysis of rutin in tablets” Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 51, 1047–1057 (2021). (  (Springer, I.F 2.80). 
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Sl. No. Name of the Investigator Project No. Funding Agency Title of the project and duration Amount sanctioned
1. Dr.P.Mallu GRD-647 VGST-CISEE  Establishment Of Centre for Facile Synthesis of Metal Complexes and Study for Interaction with Biomolecules.


30.00 Lakhs
Sl. No Year Title of the patent Published Application /Patent No. Name of Inventors Filed / Published Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Madhukar Beejaganahalli Sangameshwara

Suprith Sudheer

Pooja Thyagaraj Naik