Industry Institute Interaction Cell

About III cell:

Interaction between technical institutions and industry is the need of the hour. Industry Institute Interaction will have great bearing on the engineering curriculum, exposure of engineering students to industrial atmosphere. There is a need to create avenues for a close academia and industry interaction through all the phases of technology development, starting from conceptualizing to commercialization. The Industry Institute Interaction Cell is established at JSS Science and Technology University with the following objectives:

  • To cultivate the strong links with industry
  • To promote various industrial activities by the faculty members and students
  • To have a closer linkage and promote research suited to industry needs, and consultancy
  • To provide continuing education to people working in industries so that they can upgrade their technical knowledge, and / or obtain higher degrees
  • To catalyze the further growth and development of interaction between the Institute and Industry
  • To bring about Memoranda of Understanding and Agreements with various industrial and research organizations

First Meeting of Industry Institute Interaction Cell