JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru
MoUs of JSS STU with other Universities/Institutions/ Organisations

Sl. No. Name of the collaborating University/Institution Objectives of the MoU Activities carried out

Huawei Technologies India Private Limited, Bangalore


–      Huawei Technologies India Private Limited, Bangalore – Software development company in the areas of Next Gen networks, Intelligent networks, Datacom, Network Management, Telecom Middleware and Mobile Handset Software.

–      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity to encourage education and research

–      Academically distinguished 10 students –  scholarship of Rs. 50,000/- each (Total – Rs. 5,00,000/-)

–      3 students from II and III year

–      4 students from IV year

–      Based on merit and economic status based on selection criteria

Scholarships for 10 students were sponsored by Huawei Technologies.

Automotive Axles Ltd.(AAL), Mysuru



–      Automotive Axles Ltd., manufactures Axles Assemblies, Brakes and other auto components to heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles in India.

–      MoU to explore the areas of co-operation to benefit both

Areas of co-operation from AAL

–      Workshops for students

–      Teaching faculty development programmes

–      Internship (I year to IV year exclusively for Mechanical and Industrial Production)

–      PhD scholarship support (for full-time candidates in the areas of Mechanical and Industrial Production Engineering)

Support to AAL from JSSSTU

–      Executive Postgraduate courses

–      Other support – New strategies for betterment of company’s interests

–      Provide full range of academic and infrastructure support available at the university

–      Work closely with the company to design a degree program that meets the needs of the industry

–      offer support to ensure a rewarding academic experience for working professionals in the industry

Internships were provided by Automotive Axles Ltd. for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students during the MoU period.


Automotive Axles Ltd.has been recruiting students and they have been offering internships to students.

3 Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt., Ltd. (MBRDI), Bengaluru. –      MBRDI scholarship program for women in Mechanical and allied specialisations named as “Mercedes in Mech” MBRDI has been providing scholarships to 10 girl students from the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Production. They are also recruiting students every year and they have been offering internships with stipend to students.

IBM India Pvt., Ltd. Bangalore


–      To setup an IBM Systems Centre of Excellence at JSSSTU campus.

–      Deliverables are supplied by IBM – Courseware, Online Learning Management and Ecosystem Platform, Education Delivery Assistance.

–      JSSSTU point of contact will assist in the curriculum management, Manage the administration of the program, execute the course delivery, others

–      JSSSTU to pay Rs 23,000/- per student to IBM for the years 2017, 2018, 2019

Various activities have been planned.
5 Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt., Ltd., (TGSIN), Bidadi.

–      development of exchange programs (faculty

–      academic quality enhancement

–      carrying out students training and project

–      consultancy services

–      hands on training ti executives of TGSIN

–      teaching of elective subjects to PST students by TGSIN

Regularly conducted workshops, students’ mentoring, students’ projects and students’ placements.


6 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville USA

-Faculty exchange

-Student exchange

-Research collaboration

-Teaching collaboration

-Practical training in pre-identified field sites and/or curriculum or materials developments

Planned student mobility programme.
7 JSS AHER, Mysuru Development of DiaGuru app

–      DiaGuru app has been successfully developed and hosted on Google Playstore


–      AI-enabled Web tool for effective management of Diabetes Mellitus has been developed

–      AI-enabled tool is in testing phase.

8 JSS AHER, Mysuru Development of JSS Dental app JSS Dental app has been developed

INTUIT India PDC Centre Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore



–      Design curriculum for UG and PG programs with intuit

–      Intuit representative to be a member of BoS

–      Provide academic support through involvement of students and faculty

–      Provide resources – infrastructure to establish CoE

–      Prepare project proposals

–      Create opportunities for INTUIT executives to enrol for research programs


Intuit to

–      Provide support to Design curriculum for UG and PG programs

–      Train faculty

–      Provide software license

–      Depute experts to deliver lectures

–      Work towards CoE

INTUIT India PDC Centre Pvt. Ltd. has assigned  projects to 8 students. A student was placed with a package of Rs. 23 Lakhs.
10 University of Illinois, UIC, USA

–      Organise joint study programs

–      Terms and budget mutually agreed

–      Implement activities  and assess

–      Promote exchange of students

–      Collaborate projects in the areas of teaching, scientific research and management

–      Facilitate timely and accurate communication

Various activities have been planned.



–      Build capabilities of Human Resources (students, Research Scholars and Faculty) through skill development programmes and advanced Research collaboration in the areas of mutual interest

–      Enhance Research and Academic Standards by specific programmes of activities.

–      Enable lab facilities as per CSIR-CFTRI norms and procedures

–      Allow library facilities for students at CSIR-CFTRI

–      CSIR- CFTRI to conduct short term training / skill development programmes for students on topics of interest with mutual consultations.

–      CSIR-CFTRI to support academic programmes.

–      JSSSTU to extend lab facilities and expertise to research scholars and faculty of CSIR-CFTRI

–      Identify topics of mutual interest for collaborative activities

–      Collaborate in areas of AI/CI for detection of food adulteration, quality evaluation, automation of process in food preparation and formulation of health care food and nutraceuticals.

Project is in progress.

An amount of Rs.1,50,000/- has been sanctioned by the university for Biochemical analysis of Diabetic patients.

12 INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar

–      Provide access to ETD hosting servers

–      Recommend t UGC to extend financial assistance for digitisation of these and dissertations

–      Shodhganga/Shodhgangothri

Access to URKUND software has been given to JSSSTU for plagiarism check.


Access to ASCE Journals was given when applied as SJCE.

13 Element 42 Management Solution Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru

–      Vendor for supply of Technology enabled certificates

–      Design services

–      Printing and supply services

–      Delivery of certificate

JSSSTU Degree certificates are printed by Element 42 Management Solution Pvt. Ltd.

From 2018.



14 Valles Marineris International Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur.

–      Partner and collaborate

–      Provide framework for collaborative activities and review areas of common interest – space technologies, education and science

–      Facilitate interchange of information, technology and personnel in areas of mutual interest

–      Nominate relevant points of contact

–      Facilitate R&D in space technologies

A workshop has been conducted.


Proposal has been submitted

15 Asian Polymers, Mandya.

–      Development of new product, modification of existing polymers

–      Provide opportunity to students, faculty and organisational professionals

Consultancy works; Testing and characterization works related to research materials.
16 M/s. Hollingsworth & Vose Advanced Materials (India) Private Limited, Nanjungud, Mysuru. –      Testing and evaluation of samples and materials at facilities of JSSSTU, prospective collaborative research projects. Consultancy works; Members from industry were resource persons for two of the workshops; support was provided during a conference held at JSSSTU.
17 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Mumbai

–      TCS to design and develop Course contents and curriculum of the TCS designed course(s)

–      JSSSTU to select core topics and faculty members to teach the selected topics.

B.E. in Computer Science and Business Systems course is on-going.
18 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

–      Workshops for students

–      FDPs

–      Best student project awards

–      Internship

Organised FDPs and SDPs for students in association with TCS.


Received sponsorship for Jayciana and Tech fests prior to COVID.

19 University of California, Riverside, USA

–      Custom program for students

–      Student mobility (University credit program)

–      Postgraduate certificate and diploma

Various activities have been planned.
20 Jeonbuk National University, Jeonbuk, Republic of Korea

–      Joint research and development activities and sharing of resources

–      Student and faculty exchange

–      Advanced education opportunities to students

–      Short/Long term joint academic programs.

–      Collaborative research

–      Joint academic programs

Members from university were resource persons for workshops and conferences.

PST students are being absorbed for Master degrees at their university.

21 National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) Ramanagara.

–      To bridge gap between institute and industry, familiarise students, faculty and researchers with the latest trend in the highway/transportation sector

–      Voluntary initiative of adoption of nearby stretches such as Mysuru to Madikeri section for filed study for students, researchers and faculty under ambit of Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR).

–      Internships to UG/PG students with stipend

A Research scholar is performing research in Central Board Research Institute.


JSSSTU has participated in Mysuru-Madikere 5- way tender for involvement in the design stage.

22 Karnataka State Science and Technology Academy, Bengaluru

–      Inculcating scientific temper across civil society through science communication

–      Facilitating technology dissemination through Academic-Farm-Industry interface, with a focus on rural areas.

–      Fostering innovations and entrepreneurship for societal benefits

–      Organising conferences & outreach programs

–      Capacity building in frontier areas of Science & Technology

Virtual lecture has been delivered by Dr. Haraprasad N.


Science Day Celebration in association with KSTA was organised in February 2022.

23 Schevaran – Cleanfix Academy (SCA) of Cleaning Sciences Pvt., Ltd., India

–      SCA to create courses and programs for entry level students

–      Academic programs and short term courses

–      Continuing education program

–      Facility management training programs

Various activities have been planned.
24 Schevaran – Cleanfix Academy (SCA) of Cleaning Sciences Pvt., Ltd., India

–      Business plan, methods and practices

–      Personnel, customers and suppliers

–      Inventions, technologies, processes, methods, products, patent applications, study materials, training templates, training tools, teaching aids and other proprietary rights

–      Specifications, drawings, sketches, models, samples, tools, computer programs, technical information and other related information.

Various activities have been planned.

Australia India Water Centre

9 Australian Universities and

15 Indian universities

–      The Australia India Water Centre will enable Australian and Indian partner to explore opportunities and create synergy for a longer-term collaboration in research and education between the two countries.

–      In particular, the parties anticipate this will include collaboration in water research, a joint Master’s level program in water futures, student and staff exchanges, workshops and conferences and provide short-term training in water sector to government agencies and other participants.

2-day workshop on “Water Conclave” was organised.


This event is an initiative towards Australia India Water Centre to which 15 Indian and 9

Universities/Organizations from Australia are partners.

26 Global Cyber Security Response Team, Bangalore

–      To partner and collaborate

–      Formulate strategies for safeguarding students and stake holders from cyber crime

–      Skill development in cyberspace technologies through workshops/ FDPs/ trainings/ Seminars

–      Facilitate interchange of information, technology and personnel

–      R&D in the areas of common interest

Training programmes for students and FDP have been planned.


A proposal has been submitted for a Certification Course on Cyber Security

27 Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce, (BCIC) Bengaluru

–      To promote skilling among students, curricula, training and workshops

–      To promote entrepreneurship and innovation

BCIC conducted Student development programmes.


BCIC has been providing Career guidance to students

28 Schevaran – Cleanfix Academy (SCA) of Cleaning Sciences Pvt., Ltd., India

–      The courses offered under this agreement will be owned, designed and executed by SCA – Academy for Workplace Excellence (AWE)

–      Create courses and conduct training programs in facility management as its intellectual standards & legal compliance in facility management

•    Diploma and advanced diploma in facility management property for entry level students

–      Training programs and short term courses created shall be geared for knowledge and skill transfer, job-oriented and designed to improve efficiency and earning capacity of the student.

–      Academic training programs include

•    certificate courses on

•    Healthcare facility management

•    Engineering Services- facility management

•    housekeeping & cleaning sciences- facility management

•    other courses under consideration for introduction

•    sustainability & wellness in facility management

•    next generation facility management

•    pest control in facility management

•    safety and security in facility management

Proposal has been submitted to the management for Skill Development Training Programs in Facility Management, Certificate course in Healthcare Facility Management, Certificate Course in Engineering Facility Management and Certificate course in Housekeeping and Cleaning sciences in Facility Management.
29 Indian Rubber Institute (IRI) Kolkata

–      JSSSTU to provide adequate space of 10000 sq ft land in the premises

–      To take permission from Local Authority for renovation, if any

–      Etc

A centre of excellence in Rubber technology has been established to carry out academic programmes and research and training.
30 Nokia Solutions and Networks India Private Limited.

–      Nokia experts on BoS to shape curriculum

–      Deliver lectures to students

–      Mentor student projects

–      Chair technical symposia

–      Provide internships

–      JSSSTU to align course curriculum jointly

–      Define criteria to set students to participate in Nokia program

–      Define methodology evaluation and criteria for elective course offered by Nokia

Online activity has been conducted.

Proposed to offer electives.

Planning to conduct online/offline FDP and 2 technical talks.

Planning Industrial visit to the company.

31 Anthem Biosciences Pvt Ltd. Bengaluru

–      Partner, collaborate and interact

–      Curriculum designing

–      Training programs

–      Industrial visit

–      Internship and research project work

–      PG Diploma programme

–      Skill Development Programme

–      Guest lectures

–      Placement to students

Students are provided facilities in their labs to conduct projects and handle their instruments.

10 students were offered internships and 8 students were placed.

Analytical Chemistry has been included in the curriculum for MSc students from the next academic year in which some lectures will be delivered by industry persons.

32 Holosuit PTE LTD., Singapore

–      Skill Development programs

–      Guest lectures

–      FDP

–      Placement and training

Robotics subject has been included for final year students.

The company is providing mentorship for NAIN project execution.

Planning for B.E. (Honors), certification courses and guest lectures.

33 Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST), IISc Bangalore

–      Technical assistance related to IPR

–      Organise workshops, training programs, research activities and development of IPR ecosystem

–      Identify potential IP innovators

One seminar has been organized.

One seminar is in the pipeline.

Small Grant for National Science day has been sanctioned.

Prior Art Search has been done for a patent application.

34 JANE Aerospace Pvt Ltd., Bangalore

–      Certificate program

–      Create courses and programs for prefinal year and final year students with focus on Drone technology

–      Short term courses

–      Planned infrastructure

–      Constitute a small working group or task force

–      Setup a remote pilot training institute

–      Set up a training centre for Advanced drone plot training course

–      Assist in placements

–      JMA to provide training drones

–      JMA to assist in placements for those who have completed Advanced drone plot training course

–      To setup skill development programs, FDP, Industry-Academia collaboration, R&D, Seminars, exhibitions and publications.

Planning is in progress