Greetings from AICTE..!!
I begin by wishing you happiness ahead.

Further to my earlier communication pertaining to the release of happiness app, I once again reiterate that this initiative is being taken to address the post covid stress build-up that further underscores the need to reinforce the social and emotional learning faculties of our students.

Happy students will contribute to nation building as good citizens.

The app not only assesses the social and emotional well being of our students, it also helps each of them and thus the institute calibrate to its own collective happiness.  We shall be releasing the happiness rankings of colleges on the 20th March 2022, which is the World Happiness Day.

India ranks 139th out of 155 countries in the world happiness rankings although we may be much better. With your participation we intend to send a massive e-campaign using the app and involving our youth to the UN for them to acknowledge this effort which could improve our ranking. Your participation therefore is imperative and imminent.

The app: YourOneLife is being launched as per the schedule below:

Ceremony at 11 AM at Raj Bhawan, Jammu on 20th December 2021 at the hands of the honorable Lt. Governor Jammu & Kashmir.

J&K has been specifically chosen for the launch of happiness in our mission to reach across our community from North to South and East to West.

I provide below the guidelines and links:

  1. All the institutes, faculty and students shall  download the link from

 a)Android APP for Download:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yol

 b)iOS APP For Registrations


AICTE will be tracking your downloads and institutes shall download it and propagate it as their token of acceptance and encouragement for happiness in their campus.

Usage of the app by students will be assessed by the software  Those who wish to give a credit may do so. The training and monitoring of the outcomes will be conducted through the inbuilt features of the software in a DIY (Do it yourself) manner and is designed to not burden the faculty of the institutions or universities. The monitoring process will be carried out by the software and appropriate assigned credits per student per institution/university will be conveyed by the system to you.

The app shall be made active for use on the 20th December by 12noon after its formal inauguration and launch. Due notification will be sent to all institutes to register and start using it.
The credit system followed in India is as defined by Carnegie Mellon University and happiness is an integral part of the system.

  1. YourOneLife is also an e-book published by Mr. Yogesh Kochhar and is available online at  https://youronelifes.com/SixSigmaHappiness

The book in story telling format in graphic and sequential art contains guidance and very engaging and fascinating happiness exercises. You are advised to download and circulate adequate copies of this book (1 copy for 250 students) and encourage the students to read it too. A link to this book from your libraries may also be included in the fresher kits for the upcoming fresh sessions.

  1. We would also like to see your attendance and we shall track is at the event online on the 20thDecember at:

Facebook live Event Link for event registration:-

You are encouraged to share and post your comments also on the following channels. Let us build a happy nation.

Twitter page link:

Linked in link:

Youtube Link:-

  1. Usage of this app by all will be treated not only as your commitment to happiness, it shall be monitored by AICTE that shall release the first happiness rankings on national and regional levels on 20thMarch 2022 that is the world happiness day.

This will mark the biggest happiness impact not only in India but the world with over 5 million students driving it together.

  1. I also encourage you to plan happiness fests in your college.

Your acknowledgement and revert to the above shall be taken on record as your affirmation to the cause of happiness.

Pl acknowledge and confirm compliance with the above 5 points to Mr.Pradeep Bhaskar on, assttdir.papb@aicte-india.org  and Mr. Yogesh Kochhar, on yoqi@yol.one

To ensure that our efforts are galvanized and achieve the purpose of creating a happy environment and world, I look up to your active participation as per the guidelines above.

Do also convey my best wishes and blessings to all your students and share this notification immediately on your notice boards so that it reaches each student and encourages them to register on the links provided above.

Wishing you all happiness ahead.

PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X5qxXGZLyK22bkf_RRCsJX6OHNLaryW2/view?usp=sharing