“SuryaKranti” Solar competition to design, build and drive solar powered electric vehicles


Greetings from All India Council for Technical Education!

We hope you are aware that, Vijnana Bharati is organizing Indian version of the World Solar Challenge (WSC), the competition held in Australia every two years for the last 32 years. This will be promoting innovation and incubation in Electric Vehicles through Renewable Energy.

As part of SuryaKranti Solar Challenge, India, Cruiser Class vehicles will be traversing a cross country solar expedition covering a distance of 3000+ kms – Kochi to Delhi. Technical Institutions situated near NH 44 will be hosting the event which is proposed to be held in March 2021. Another class vehicles are being challenged to test their speed and endurance in a racing track for 9 hours to qualify. Closing ceremony will also be held at Buddh International Circuit, Delhi.The objective is to bridge the gap between Indian technical institutions and those from other countries, motivate them to innovate and enhance their skills in real life challenges. It would also enhance the scientific temperament and engineering skills among young scholars in the society. The winning team of SuryaKranti can be supported and send to WSC 2021.

When Indian automobile industry is shifting towards Electric Vehicles by the end of next decade, this event would boost entrepreneurship in the country to compete internationally. We should aim to make an e-mobility hub through ‘Make in India’ and enhance employment opportunities to skilled people along with wealth generation to the indigenous industry.
Why SuryaKranti is significant:

  • Indian shift to electrical mobility is time bound and certain
  • Our commitment to clean / sustainable energy source utilisation including solar is ongoing
  • The event helps the students, the faculty and the institutions to understand technology and develop multidisciplinary capability to build electrical vehicle through solar energy generation & management.
  • It provides opportunity of employability, innovation, R&D, entrepreneurship, industry collaboration and possible commercialisation of products developed in the associated labs.
  • A technical mentoring team with Industry & academic personnel would be made available for help/ review to guide the teams to build the vehicles.
  • The event is as much about solar car expedition or competition as also building an ecosystem for electrical mobility and green energy associated system & subsystems including materials, structures, electrical & electro-mechanical components, energy management, embedded system, communication, IoT etc.
  • A wide range of industry opportunities is the highlight of the project.

The project will be implemented by a consortium of different organisations, coordinated by Vijnana Bharati.

AICTE requests you to circulate this information and attached detailed project plan among the faculty and students of your institution to encourage them for getting benefited from the event.

for more details please visit site: https://www.suryakranti.org/

PFA:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a8zqX9gZj089SkOrWIcUCK1R4beV65TX/view?usp=sharing

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